AirTag: What Happened When A YouTuber Sent AirTag To Tim Cook?


AirTag adventure. We’ve seen some really fun and interesting stories about how people use AirTag since they launched earlier this year. However, a YouTube producer decided to do something bold and sent three AirTag to different places. One of them was sent to Tim Cook at Apple Park.

YouTube channel MegaLag sent an AirTag each to Tim Cook and Elon Musk. Not content with just these two receivers, it also sent the third AirTag to North Korea. The whole story is pretty long and split into two videos, but both look pretty interesting as the YouTuber details what happens to each AirTag and how the object tracker works on each trip.

The AirTag were all sent from Frankfurt, Germany, and the Find network was able to show where the packets were. The Find app found AirTag in places like DHL facilities and even at the airport before they went to other countries.

Interestingly, the AirTag sent to Apple Park suddenly appeared somewhere in the US state of Nevada. The video maker checked Flight Radar and saw that the flight carrying his package was flying over that location, so it’s likely AirTag communicated with someone’s iPhone on the plane and immediately sent the location to Find My.

The AirTag, which was sent to Elon Musk, arrived at the SpaceX headquarters and remained there for two and a half weeks, before being spotted at a recycling center in Castaic, California, before its final signal. Not surprisingly, the AirTag sent to North Korea never made it to its destination. Funnily enough, the AirTag was sent to South Korea instead, but the device never showed up in the Find app because the Find network wasn’t there due to local regulations.

The AirTag, which was sent to Tim Cook, arrived at Apple Park and remained there for six weeks before being sent back to Germany. Later, Apple returned AirTag in a letter to YouTuber. Moreover, the letter was even printed on letterhead with rounded corners and was signed by one of Tim Cook’s assistants.

The assistant, whose name is Michael, said the company was “pleasant to see creative uses of AirTags.” He noted that Tim Cook receives hundreds of letters each month, but he cannot answer all the letters himself. Still, it’s pretty interesting to see someone from Apple actually take the package, write a letter and return it.

Below is the letter sent by Apple:

Dear Jonathan,

Thanks for sharing about your Apple AirTags project. We are happy to learn about creative uses of AirTag and how they can improve our customers’ lives. As you can imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of letters each month from customers like you. Unfortunately, it cannot respond to every request. However, we hope you continue to enjoy your AirTag as you return from your unique journey around the world!

You can find the two videos in question below:


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