Airstream to manufacture special electric car trailers


Airstream, the recreational vehicle company, announced that it is developing a major sustainability project that includes the production of special trailers for electric cars. Despite the disclosure, the products still have no release date.

According to the company, the trailer will be aimed at people who like camping and already have an electric vehicle. The promise is that the combination of the two will optimize the car’s battery and still help nature, as there will be no emission of pollutants.

“Maintaining moderate speed on the highway will increase the range that they (electric cars) can achieve with a single charge. And it will also keep them light, as weight is very important as you are gaining speed,” argued McKay Featherstone , vice president of product development at Airstream.


Trailer towing by electric cars will benefit the nature and battery life

Featherstone also said that the idea has passed the concept phase and that the company continues to test models to make the integration between trailers and cars work well.

Sustainable design

According to the company, the launch will be part of the “Caravan for Zero Carbon” program. According to Airstream, the project was designed to reduce the impact of its operations in the car market.

Among the actions, the planting of 118,405 thousand trees in the United States will be financed, an amount that will compensate for all the pollution caused by the manufacture of Airstream’s RVs this year.

Carbon reduction kits will also be sold that can be deducted from taxes. The entire amount collected with the kits will be invested directly in planting the trees.


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