AirPods Will Be Easier To Find With IOS 15


AirPods will also make some changes. With the new operating system, support for AirPods will be improved in Find My. In addition, the voice of the other party will be heard better in conversations. In addition, the number of applications that offer voice notification support with AirPods will increase.

In a statement from Apple, it was stated that the Conversation Boost feature will help those who have difficulty hearing others during calls. This feature, which will try to isolate the voice of the person the user is talking to, will also give the user control over the reflection of the ambient sound.

It is possible to listen to incoming messages with AirPods. However, it will now be possible to hear other important notifications with the headset.

Finding AirPods, which are easy to lose, will also be a little easier thanks to increased support in the Find app. Among the new features is a proximity view. With this view, users will be able to see more clearly how far they are from their headphones. In addition, iPhone will warn the user when moving away from AirPods.

AirPods owners will also be able to take advantage of the Spatial Audio support that Apple offers in FaceTime. It will also be possible to take advantage of Spatial Audio support on Mac and Apple TV.