AirPods Studio was leaked without being introduced!


AirPods Studio, which has produced many rumors and rumors since 2018, will finally be introduced today (September 15). The headset is on-ear form and seems to have a very stylish design. This headset has been expected to be available for a while already. AirPods Studio stands out as the first on-ear headset developed by the company. Because before that, Apple came out with Beats Studio headphones. The eagerly anticipated headset is leaked hours before it is introduced. Let’s see how does AirPods Studio look leaked?

AirPods Studio was leaked! Here is the first appearance

The headset, which became clear with the name AirPods Studio, was started to be produced in Vietnam. Although some of the company’s products, such as AirPods, are already manufactured in Vietnam, it is the first time that a brand new product has been produced from scratch in Vietnam.

The device focuses on high-end components and incredible audio performance compared to other headphones on the market. The most striking features of AirPods Studio are undoubtedly the active noise canceling feature. Because many headphones do not have this feature. AirPods Studio will also feature head and neck detection, a feature similar to the in-ear detection feature on AirPods.

As you can clearly see from the Twitter post below, the headset is as in the leaked design:

The sound quality in the Studio is more remarkable and better than the current generation AirPods and AirPods Pro. AirPods Studio has a sound setting that is not available on both AirPods and AirPods Pro, so users can control the sound setting via iOS or any Mac device.

AirPods Studio will have a sensor that can detect left and right ears to route audio channels. This means there will be no right or wrong side to wear the headphones.

All of Apple’s AirPods have the H1 chip, so AirPods Studio has H1. The H1 means instant pairing and device switching with the latest Bluetooth technology, support for “Hey, Siri”, better power management for more listening and talking time.

AirPods Studio price

AirPods Studio seems to be available to users for about $ 349.


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