AirPods Pro’s ‘Does This Exist?’ That Suprised 6 Feature


Although it is common to use some devices, there are some unknown things about it. The AirPods Pro features we’ve compiled in this article, which you may not have noticed, are a great convenience when using headphones in everyday life.

Although there are many headphones with higher sound quality in the market, AirPods Pro’s good sound quality and ease of use are among the main reasons why many people prefer headphones. The product has achieved great shipment success worldwide in a short time. Even the product has become unreachable.

However, there is still much unknown about a product of such popularity. These unknown features include extremely useful information. We have also compiled some unknown features to ensure that those who own or intend to purchase AirPods Pro can take full advantage of the product. Here are some useful features AirPods Pro has:

Test that shows which title you should use:

AirPods Pro’s silicone nozzles come in three different sizes to help reduce noise. There is a test to see which of these titles will help you get the best sound quality. This test detects whether the sound from the headphones is leaking or not, and decides whether or not the headpiece is fully seated in your ear. If you are having difficulty selecting a title, you can access this test by pressing the AirPods Pro device in the Bluetooth settings.

Connect to Apple TV:

If you want to watch TV at night but don’t want to wake up the sleeping residents of the house, this feature of AirPods Pro is just for you. You can select headphones from the TV’s Bluetooth settings to connect AirPods Pro to Apple TV as if it were a speaker.

Use with Live Listen:

The iPhone has a feature called Live Listen, which allows you to hear far away conversations more clearly. This handy feature is available with AirPods Pro headphones. After entering the control center settings and adding the hearing aid, you can turn on the feature in the control center and use it with AirPods.

Listen to incoming messages:
When using the second generation AirPods and AirPods Pro, Siri can read incoming messages and tell them where the incoming call is from. Even after you read the incoming message, you listen to the message you want to send as a reply and send the message to the forwarder. Just say cevap reply to the message.. To use this feature when cycling or preventing you from looking at your phone, you can select the option to read messages aloud from the Siri settings.

Check the noise canceling feature:

You may know that you can control the noise canceling level with the volume keys on the iPhone. The detail you may not know is that if you want to quickly select between transparent and noise canceling modes, pressing the AirPods long enough is enough.

Find your lost headset:

AirPods and wireless in-ear headphones in general can easily be lost due to their size and being wireless. However, AirPods headphones have a solution. With the Find My app, you can find out where your AirPods headphones are last used with the help of a map. However, if the headphones are in the case and you have lost the case, unfortunately this doesn’t help you find them.

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