AirPods Pro Earphones Have a Smaller Charging Case


According to new information shared by MacOtakara, Apple will present its new generation AirPods Pro headphones with a smaller charging box. The charging case will have a thickness of 21mm, a height of 46mm, and a width of 54mm.

Apple introduced the second generation iPhone SE smartphone and new AirPods Pro headphones in April last year. Many sources agree that Apple will introduce the new iPhone SE and AirPods Pro in April, as the company introduces the new generation models of its products within 1 year.

However, it is not known exactly what features Apple will offer users with its new models. Today, MacOtakara, who has already shared a lot of correct information about Apple, shared about the new generation AirPods Pro headphones. MacOtakara claimed that the new models will come with a new charging case.

The next generation AirPods Pro will come in a smaller box:

According to information from Chinese suppliers, the new generation AirPods Pro headphones will be introduced with a new design charging box. Moreover, this charging case will be exactly 21 mm thick, 46 mm high and 54 mm wide. The charging cases of AirPods Pro currently on the market have a thickness of 60 mm and a height of just over 45 mm.

Although the information MacOtakara shares is limited to this, it is very pleasing to learn that the size of the charging box is getting smaller. Beyond that, according to another report previously shared by MacOtakara, AirPods Pro headphones will be offered to users in two different sizes. This claim was made by sharing photos of two different W2 chips allegedly belonging to headphones.

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In addition, according to another report shared in the middle of December, Apple plans to launch a new headset called AirPods Pro Lite as well as AirPods Pro. According to this information from South Korean suppliers, the company will not include active noise canceling feature in these cheaper headphones.


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