AirPods Max: 3 Things Apple should Change for the Next Model


The AirPods Max are not only the company’s best headphones, but also some of the best headphones on the market — and yet they lack the little things that have been the main products of other wireless headphones for decades. An underestimated part of Apple products is their sound, both on special speakers and headphones, and on other devices. Although the company is known for its iPhone, iPad and Mac, it has earned a reputation for producing excellent speakers and headphones. AirPods Max is no different, but with everyday use, Apple users will find that the headphones have several flaws that need to be fixed in the next version.

There are a lot of things to love about AirPods Max — from usability to sound and maintainability. They support all the functions of quick pairing and automatic switching of each AirPods model, and also have unique customization options. In addition, the sound quality is fantastic, and software technologies such as Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos are supported for some tracks. It’s also quite maintainable — each ear cup is attached with magnets and can be easily removed and replaced by the end user. There are screws under the ear pads that should make repairs possible so that the $549 headphones last as long as possible.

While the AirPods Max has amazing features that compare favorably with other dominant headphones, such as the noise-canceling Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones, they lack the simple features that almost all headphones have. It all starts with the power button, and AirPods Max does not have it. The headphones stay on all the time, and although they switch to low-power mode when placed in a flimsy smart case, this drains the battery life. If you leave the AirPods Max idle outside the case, the battery will completely run out, and it is impossible to turn them off. The next generation of AirPods Max should abandon the smart case and have a traditional power button.

AirPods Max use Lightning to charge

Another factor that hinders the daily use of AirPods Max is the charging method — it uses a Lightning connector for power. The entire AirPods line uses Lightning, but in-channel models can use wireless charging instead of the Lightning port. However, AirPods Max does not support wireless charging. Of course, the iPhone still uses Lightning, but almost every other device in Apple’s portfolio has USB-C support. Apple needs to implement this standard in its entire product line, including the next version of AirPods Max.

One of the main drawbacks of the AirPods Max is the technical specification, which users probably won’t notice in headphones unless the specification is true. The AirPods Max are frankly heavy, and while most users probably didn’t consider the weight of their headphones, using a heavy pair of headphones can be unbearable. Some fatigue occurs due to the weight of the AirPods Max, which are heavy due to their aluminum construction. When Apple releases the next-generation AirPods Max, it should consider using a lighter material to reduce the overall weight of the headphones. Despite the fact that there are many great features in AirPods Max, there are also significant shortcomings that need to be fixed in the next generation of AirPods Max.


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