AirPods Get New Location Features And Audio Enhancements


AirPods: Apple presented this Monday (7) a series of news in the operation of AirPods. The features were detailed during the WWDC 2021 opening conference, which also served as the iOS 15 presentation.

New to AirPods is the “Separation Alert”, which indicates if you are moving to a location other than the position of your headphones — ideal for those at risk of leaving them somewhere.

Another addition is the possibility of locating lost headphones using the “Find My” network and a signal emitted via Bluetooth. In this way, the location is more accurate and can be shared over an even greater distance.

More audio quality

With the arrival of Spatial Audio, the playback quality of music and calls is improved and makes content more immersive. This is possible on FaceTime and Apple Music, for example, thanks to the Dolby Atmos standard. The use of Spatial Audio has also been confirmed for macOS and Apple TV.

You can also use AirPods as a kind of hearing aid. “Conversartion Boost” helps those with mild hearing problems by using the accessory’s microphones to improve sound quality.

In addition, from now on, it is also possible to listen to notifications using Siri using iOS 15. The news should be implemented gradually in the headphones, along with the arrival of new versions of the operating systems.


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