AirPod lost on train tracks, there is a device to save it


Since Apple made the design of independent wireless headphones fashionable with its AirPods, most brands have followed it, and we already have others such as Samsung’s Galaxy Buds or Xiaomi Air2 or Mi True.

These are button-type ‘in ear’ helmets without any cable, and although some models are adjustable so that they fit perfectly in your ears and do not fall off, the risk of this happening is present. In fact, in Japan it happens so much that they have had to invent a machine for it …

Losing your AirPods on the train tracks

To get an idea of ​​how often this happens, the railway service operators themselves in Japan have started asking users to be careful with their wireless headphones, after noting an increase in falls to the tracks of these devices.

Because according to the Japan Times newspaper, between July and September of this year alone, 950 cases of headphone drops were recorded in 78 stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, a quarter of all items found on the tracks.

The problem? Not only the fact of having to send operators to collect everything that falls under the tracks, but in the case of these small headphones they cannot be recovered with the tool used by the station workers.

AirPods Vacuum Cleaner

The solution? Finding something more efficient, so the technology company Panasonic in collaboration with the railway services companies West Japan Railway Co., Keio Corp., Tokyu Corp. and others, has developed a device for the task: A specific vacuum cleaner for wireless headphones that looks like a vacuum cleaner, with curious ‘tentacles’ at its end.

The best thing is its degree of effectiveness, since the Panasonic vacuum cleaner has entered service and has been successfully tested at the Ikebukuro station, where the East Japan Railway Co. operates.


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