Airflow increases with Corsair 5000 series cases


Corsair, known for its special equipment for players, also draws attention with its computer cases. Following the 4000 series, the 5000 series computer cases were also announced by Corsair. The American manufacturer, which earned $ 1.097 billion in revenue in 2019, plans to take the airflow to the next level with new computer cases. Corsair, which launched three models with the 5000 series, also facilitates wiring.

The 5000 series, which appeals to the higher level, also draws attention with its prices.

5000 series computer cases introduced by Corsair

According to Corsair, the new cases are designed to maximize airflow and maintain a cleaner look. Developed by Corsair, the RapidRoute cable management cases prevent cluttered and ugly images, as well as allow more organized cables at the back. The width of the cable routing depth on the back of the cases is 25 mm.

Introducing three different cases: 5000D, 5000D AirFlow and iCUE 5000X RGB, Corsair offers a magnetic door to hide the cables. The 5000D and 5000D AirFlow models come with two 120mm fans with Corsair AirGuide technology. The 5000X model is offered to users with three SP120 RGB Elite AirGuide fans.

Corsair 5000 series computer cases, which offer up to 10 120 mm or 4 140 mm fans, are quite assertive on the cooling side. It is also possible to install 360 mm radiators in the front and ceiling areas of the cases that offer three 120 mm fan slots on the front, ceiling and side. On the storage side, four 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch disk slots are offered to users.

The cases, which contain a controller that supports up to 6 fans, also have up-to-date inputs on the front. The case, which has a USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 port, also offers a Type-C and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The prices of the safes on Corsair’s website have also been announced. The 5000D and 5000D AirFlow models are available for $ 164.99, while the 5000X model is priced at $ 204.99.


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