How is aircraft cleaning done so quickly?


Of the times that you have traveled by plane, how many of you have seen the process of cleaning the aircraft? If you noticed something, congratulations, because the process is so fast that, normally, nobody realizes it. Yet, whenever we board, everything is shining. After all, how do these employees put everything in order in such a short time? We have already said that this is not the work of domestic elves.

Keeping everything clean is a crucial part of any air travel. Although comfort is one of the first benefits perceived on routes that can take hours, another important issue has to do with the health of passengers. Staterooms are usually crowded with people, and they spend hours in limited space. So germs that can make you sick are not good company.

A spokesman for Airlines America explains that cleanup teams typically work continuously between flights and nights to provide a dirt-free experience. What you may not know is that technology is part of that process.

Extreme coordination
As agility is fundamental for everything to go well, each team leader carries a device that provides specific information about the aircraft to be cleaned. These devices are responsible for informing the time of arrival and the type of cleaning required. The steps are determined depending on factors such as time of the vehicle on land, size and whether the flight is domestic or international.

It must be said that each company has its own methods, but those of ABM Aviation are divided into three, requiring five to 12 people equipped with cordless vacuum cleaners and cleaning products. “Each member is responsible for a specific task to be completed so that the process flows smoothly,” says John Alford, a company spokesman.

The quickest of them – and the most difficult, given the time limitation – is the one usually performed in the case of domestic flights, when the plane simply lands, turns around and leaves for another trip. Because it is more superficial, it focuses mainly on the removal of garbage and the maintenance of dining areas and bathrooms.

Another one lasts all night. As soon as the aircraft ends the day’s activities, everyone works for eight or even ten consecutive hours and takes care of larger areas, those in which the passenger remains, including the seats. The items for quickest cleaning, of course, are part of the package.

The more complex one goes further. It is a detailed process, in which the removal of surfaces from benches and various equipment is carried out. Some companies have specific devices for the function.

“Our technology allows us to carry out an in-depth analysis of the allocation of people. We are able to direct employees when the plane arrives, ”says Alford.


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