Airbus reveals 3 hydrogen powered planes for 2035


Airbus unveiled on Monday, 21, three projects for the first commercial aircraft with zero carbon emission (CO2). The European company presented three very diversified concepts, all electric powered by hydrogen and named “ZEROe”, referring to “zero emissions” of pollutants.

“This is a historic moment for the commercial aviation sector as a whole and we intend to be protagonists in the most important transition that this sector has ever seen. The concepts we unveil today offer the world a glimpse of our ambition to lead a bold vision for the future of zero-emission flights, ”said Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO. Airbus SE’s ZEROe.

The projects

The first one presented is that of a turboreactor. According to Guillaume Faury, it will be possible to accommodate 120 to 200 passengers – the equivalent of an A220 or an A320 – in addition to having a range of more than 3,500 km.

The second concept is a turboprop regional aircraft that could travel up to 1,800 km and carry 100 passengers.

The third would be a V-wing with capacity and autonomy similar to the turbo-reactor concept.

Airbus’ forecast is that the aircraft will reach the market in 2035.

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