Airbnb will house nursing staff free of charge near hospitals


Airbnb will house nursing staff free of charge near hospitals

The Airbnb online rental site makes a decision for nursing staff. He wants to house them for free during confinement. To help caregivers, the Airbnb rental site provides them with hotel rooms and accommodation available near hospitals .

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is trying to make a difference ! Thus, the French have all been locked up since March 16. The reason ? Fight the spread.

But that’s not all ! Every day, healthcare workers fight to save the lives of those infected . In France, the virus affects nearly 20,000 people.

So the population tries to encourage them with applause! And those who can participate in online prize pools. Besides, Booba shared one.

Indeed, healthcare staff no longer have enough masks to protect themselves from the Covid-19 . So several stars and their fans are mobilizing to offer them!

But this is not enough. The situation is serious. Thus, the Airbnb site wants to help them! To do this, he launched the Appartsolidaire platform . The objective? Host them during Covid-19!

The Airbnb site is mobilizing against the Covid-19 in its own way! Thus, it encourages the owners to ” provide free whole apartments that are not rented”.

And this for all ” caregivers and social workers” , as announced by the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. Airbnb helps them as much as possible! Thus, all accommodation close to hospitals must be made available. Indeed, some health care workers go a long way to save lives!

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But the site does not forget the owners of the accommodation ! Airbnb wants to compensate them with a sum of 50 euros. And this for each of the reservations!

Besides, it is not the only online rental site to get involved. The Individuals to Individuals site also offers owners to help caregivers!


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