Airbnb: The Balance Sheet Of Their Bans Became Clear


Airbnb, the popular housing rental application, shared the balance sheet of the ban it put into effect at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Popular rental company Airbnb has blocked reservations at the height of the epidemic in an effort to prevent parties and the spread of the virus. The company announced the balance sheet of the bans.

Ben Breit, Airbnb head of security communications, said in a statement that more than 50,000 suspicious reservations were blocked. Breit has 7,000 in Dallas, 6,000 in San Diego, 5,100 in Charlotte, St. Louis, 3,500 in Clolombus, and 2,700 in New Orleans.

Airbnb will continue bans

The figures announced show how serious the Airbnb front is in its sanctions actions. The company had introduced a ban on rental properties not hosting parties. “A global ban on parties and events is in the interest of public health,” Airbnb said.

This special system, which is generally used in the USA, Canada, UK, France and Spain, does not allow users under the age of 25 and without a positive review history to make a reservation.

The company believes the ban is working. It was stated that the interest in rental properties fell by half. However, it remains unclear how much of this was done on the grounds of Airbnb policies.

On the other hand, he said that although the worldwide vaccination efforts continue, Airbnb will not relax its rules and that the ban on parties will be extended until the end of summer 2021. As the reason for the continuation, the company cited the statements of public health experts that collective activities still carry risks.


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