Airbnb Suspends Activities In Russia And Asks Ukraine For Help


Airbnb: The CEO of the hosting platform Airbnb, Brian Chesky, announced this Friday (4) that the company is indefinitely suspending all operations in Russia and Belarus (or Belarus). The measure takes immediate effect.

The reason is the invasion of Ukrainian territory ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has lasted more than a week. Belarus, on the other hand, is considered an ally of Russia – and was considered partially responsible for the activities, as it would have facilitated the entry of troops into Ukraine, in addition to constantly collaborating with the local government.

The announcement was made by Chesky on his Twitter profile. The CEO even placed a Ukrainian flag next to his username to bolster support.

Airbnb announced a few days ago that it would support up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine, offering free short-term accommodation for those who have recently escaped armed conflict and are homeless in neighboring countries such as Poland and Romania. In addition, volunteers began to rent houses from Ukrainians without necessarily going to the place, as a way to make payments and help hosts who may be experiencing difficulties.

With the move, Airbnb joins a growing group of tech companies that have placed sanctions or limitations on Russian activities to isolate the country and pressure Putin to back down from the invasion. Companies include Apple, PayPal, Spotify, Netflix, Intel, AMD and CD Projekt RED, among others.