Air conditioner: 7 options to prepare for the summer


Summer is coming and one of the best and cheapest ways to fight heat is by using an air conditioner. This type of equipment is capable of considerably reducing discomfort in climatic changes, in addition to expending much less energy than air conditioning (at least nine times less).

However, the air conditioner is suitable for smaller places, such as small rooms or not very large rooms. This device is also useful for humidifying environments, making it an excellent choice for dry locations. In addition, there are portable options that make it easy to move and transport.

Check out now some air conditioning options.

Philco Air Conditioner, Purifier and Humidifier, PCL1QF

This first air conditioner option is quite complete. In addition to cooling the environment, the equipment also has the functions of heating, purifying, humidifying and ventilating the environment. There are three speed levels and the maximum water capacity of your reservoir is 4.5 liters.

Among other features, this Philco air conditioner has a swing function, operation timer, wheels for easy transport, water level indicator and remote control.

Mondial Air Conditioner, Purifier and Humidifier, Comfort Air CL-02

The digital panel of this Mondial air conditioner makes its use and navigation through the functions very easy. This model only has a cold air cycle, being able to ventilate, purify, humidify and cool the environment in which it is positioned.

There are three speed levels and a high capacity reservoir – 6 liters of water with an efficient level indicator. The model has a weight of 6.3 kg, but this is compensated by the wheels that facilitate the transport of the air conditioner from one environment to another.

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Air conditioner Britânia, Humidifier, BCL01F

The great highlight of this air conditioner from Britânia is the cost-benefit. After all, we are talking about one of the cheapest models on the list, but capable of acclimatizing, humidifying and ventilating the environment with cold air and efficiency.

Among the model’s functions, only the timer is available. There are three levels of intensity for ventilation and a modest 3.2 liter reservoir. It is worth mentioning that the model also has wheels to facilitate transport from one room to another.


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