Ailos system accelerates digital transformation


Ailos – Sistema de Cooperativas de Crédito has been incorporating digital transformation into its business for at least 3 years. Some of the actions that optimize the cooperative’s daily life, besides stimulating their economic development, are: the expansion of their autonomy in the management of their financial life, through Ailos applications; support for entrepreneurship by facilitating the release of consumer credit for the purchase of consumer goods and services, directly at the retailer’s commercial establishment; the launch of the marketplace tool Ailos Aproxima, as well as the arrival of Pix and open banking.

In order to continue the projects, the strategic planning of the Ailos System foresees bold goals, envisioning the next 10 years. The forecast is to invest R $ 230 million in 2021 and another R $ 140 million in the following years. The investment involves all the technological part, such as changing the banking core and the journey to the cloud.

“In addition to the core banking exchange strategy, data intelligence and journey to the cloud, we seek to be excellence in integration and improvement of culture and innovation as pillars for the digital transformation program. This will give us speed and flexibility for growth, development of new products and use of new technologies ”, explained Hélio Cordeiro Mariano, Director of Technology at Central Ailos.

Today, the Ailos System has about 10% of the admission of new members through digital means, and the objective is also to increase this index, reaching at least 50%. For this, improvements will be made to the applications and the website, making the processes more and more intuitive, simple and fast.

New banking core

The proposal to change the banking core provides for a platform that meets the evolving needs of business, ensuring the expansion of digital services and providing even more agility in operations.

“We are looking for the tool that best suits our profile. It is essential that the new core offers excellence in integration and has technological flexibility to meet our growth demands ”, commented Mariano.

Journey to the cloud

The journey to the cloud will also be a big step. Currently, the Ailos System operates with two colocation data centers in São Paulo. In this model, the contingent site, air-conditioning and electricity structures are rented for placement of the equipment itself. The expansion of the capacity of this environment is a process of great planning and needs to be carried out up to 6 months in advance.

In this way, the cloud will provide much more agility and flexibility to increase and even reduce infrastructure, according to demand, in serving members. In addition, there is also the issue of security and high availability as differentials. “We will have a technology with a flexible and scalable architecture completely prepared to meet this change and bring a better experience in the cooperative’s journey. The journey to the cloud will also accelerate the transition from the current core to the new one, ”said Mariano.


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