Aidan Gillen joins the cast of a crime drama!


Peaky Blinders actor Aidan Gillen is set to star in a crime drama soon! We’ll give you more details. After Peaky Blinders, Aidan Gillen will star in a police drama!

The Irish actor starred in several seasons of the cult series Game of Thrones before charming us as Aberama Gold in the series Peaky Blinders. It must be said that Aidan Gillen multiplies the roles of villains.

Difficult then to see him play anything else. The actor therefore continues his momentum. Indeed, he is scheduled to cast a new crime series.

In fact, the filming of the crime drama has already started in Dublin and its region. The film traces the story of a Dublin family that finds itself in the midst of a gang war.

A setting that Aidan Gillen knows well. That’s why we think he’ll be just perfect in his new role!


After two great cult series, Aidan Gillen has not finished surprising us. Thus, he returns to the cast of a new Irish series Kin.

And it must be said that the cast of the series is crazy. Along with Aidan Gillen is British actor Charlie Cox from Daredevil.

But that’s not all, Clare Dunne and Maria Dolye Kennedy are also part of the cast. Just like Emmett Scanlan, who was also seen in Peaky Blinders.

Without forgetting Ciaràn Hinds from Game of Thrones and Sam Keeley seen in 68 Whiskey. Besides, who is behind the Kin series?

Well these are two Irish talents, Peter McKenna and Ciaràn Donnelly. The latter had also directed the cult series Vikings!

McKenna has also surrounded himself with Diarmuid Goggins for the production of his new series. In short Kin also promises to be a cult series.

So we can’t wait to find out more. For the moment the shooting is in progress. Stay tuned, up close.


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