Aid Campaign for Protesters with Bitcoin Launched Belarus


The protesting of the presidential elections in Belarus continues unabated. In Belarus, where protests dominate, opponents have started using Bitcoin (BTC) to overcome political pressure.

Belarusians, who voted against incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko, opted to wear white on election day to express their reaction. Maria Koltsyna, a municipal employee in the town of Pinsk, went to the polling station with a white headband on her wrist. Maria was fired with the reaction of her colleagues who noticed Maria’s white accessory.

The people of Belarus have been demanding a renewal of the election, claiming that President Alexander Lukashenko is not the legitimate winner for a month or so. While strikes started in some factories with the protests, some police officers also stopped work.

The current regime is threatening protesters with sanctions such as mass arrests, internet outages, and a request for Russian assistance for intervention. In Belarus, the state is firmly in control of the economy for now, but getting fired for political reasons means that you will at least never find a job in your city. For this reason, many protesters were unemployed along with Maria. Maria announced BYSOL, a new non-profit fund that helps people fired for protest activity. BYSOL started to collect aid through Bitcoin.

Maria said in a statement that she had never heard of cryptocurrency before, but the team behind the fund taught her how to set up a mobile cryptocurrency wallet.

BYSOL, which has collected more than $ 2 million in donations in a month, provides basic needs and rent aid to unemployed protesters.

Protesters choose Bitcoin for their aid fund because it can be easily collected and distributed outside the control of the current government. The institution, which preferred cryptocurrencies due to the state officials who can directly interfere with the traditional financial system, announced that the accounts will be blocked directly if the aid is collected in bank accounts, but thanks to the crypto coins, the state cannot perform this action.

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