AI Art Presents Doctor Who Meets Doctor Strange at Chicago Medical Center


The cast of “Doctors of Chicago” was replenished with AI art with Benedict Cumberbatch from “Doctor Strange” and Jodie Whittaker from “Doctor Who”. A long-time Marvel comics character, Doctor Strange, was first introduced to the MCU alongside Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange. Since then, the character has appeared in several MCU projects, including his most recent appearance in his highly anticipated second solo film. “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” enjoyed incredible success, becoming the highest-grossing film of the year at the moment, the story of which shows how much Doctor Strange has changed since its first appearance.

Before becoming a sorcerer, Stephen Strange was a fantastic but arrogant doctor. Dr. Strange saw Stephen get into a car accident, as a result of which he received painful injuries to both hands. To catch up with his colleagues, Strange sought out the Ancient One in the hope of learning how to heal his hands with magic. Following the story of his origin, Cumberbatch’s Strange gave up his life as a renowned neurosurgeon to focus his energy on saving people in a different way.

Three separate universes collide, as the popular mini-program DALL·E received an unusual hint. Although Stephen Strange no longer practices medicine in the Marvel cinematic universe, the doctor’s skills are used in some works of art created by artificial intelligence that represent him as part of the cast of Chicago Med. Strange is not alone in his new residence, as the Thirteenth Doctor appears next to him. Like many other DALL·E portraits, these funny but creepy images don’t look quite right: intrusive faces are missing or features are mixed. Take a look at the images below:

Over the years, the Doctor has demonstrated extensive knowledge in several fields, even demonstrating some medical acumen, but unlike others, the reason Doctor Who is called “Doctor” is not related to medicine. The Doctor’s name is one of the biggest mysteries of Doctor Who, but Matt Smith’s version of the Time Lord gives some insight into why they chose him. Like the Hippocratic oath, the title of Doctor is a promise to “never be cruel or cowardly; never give up and never give up.” This is the ideology that every BBC doctor has been practicing for many years when the role is transferred to a new performer.

It quickly became a trend to create funny and outlandish images using the DALL·E mini-program. This easy-to-use program has aroused particular interest among film and television fans, who can now see their favorite characters in any scenario they can come up with, no matter how unlikely it may be. While it’s interesting to imagine what it would be like to see Doctor Strange and Doctor Who team up in the Chicago Medical Center universe, it’s probably for the best that these all-knowing Doctors will never end up in the same room.