Ahsoka: Star Wars Universe Series Will Begin Filming Soon


Ahsoka: The Star Wars universe is expanding more and more on Disney+ with new series being announced by the platform, among them, the long-awaited Ahsoka, which will focus on the character of the same name.

After its appearance in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, the platform announced a series of its own for Jedi in December 2020 and little is known about production.

However, rumors indicate that the filming of the series will start as early as April this year, much earlier than expected.

Ahsoka Filming Will Start Well Ahead of Schedule

The character Ahsoka was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in a 2008 animation called Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and received her live-action appearance in The Mandalorian, portrayed by Rosario Dawson.

With that, she became well known among fans of the franchise and gained a great prominence in the work, leading the Disney+ platform to announce its own production in 2020.

Now, after much speculation about the show, rumors from Production Weekly indicate that filming should start between March and May, but that the most likely month for recording is April.

Thus, fans can expect much less than they were projecting for the series and it should be released in the year 2023.

We still don’t know much about the plot of the production, but the focus on character development is right and, in addition, she will still appear in the next season of The Mandalorian for fans to miss.

And while Ahsoka’s release date is not announced by Disney+, you can take the opportunity to review all the productions of the Star Wars franchise on the platform!