AHS: Why were all the main characters of the psychiatric hospital sent to Briarcliff


For more than a decade, “American Horror Story” has been exploring various horror scenarios, and the season that is still widely considered the best in the series is a Haven, and most of this season’s horrors are the reasons why each main character was sent to Briarcliff Manor. — and here they are. The success of the horror genre in recent years is not limited to the big screen, as there were also series that conquered critics and viewers, and one of the most popular and successful is “American Horror Story”, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Since this is an anthology series, each season of American Horror Story is considered as an independent mini-series, but as the show progressed, references and appearances of other characters and events appeared in different seasons, giving way to the universe associated with AHS. . Each season is dedicated to a separate horror theme and setting, and in some cases they also included some horror creatures and characters, such as vampires (Hotel and Double Movie) and witches (Coven), but of all the seasons and themes so far, the one that is still considered the best season of “American Horror Story”, is a “Refuge” in which viewers traveled to Briarcliff Manor to explore the many horrors that have occurred in this terrifying place.

American Horror Story: Asylum is set in the 1960s and tells the stories of some of Briarcliff’s employees, such as Sister Jude Martin (Jessica Lang), Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) and Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell). his most famous cellmates, especially Keith Walker (Evan Peters), Grace Bertrand (Lizzie Brochet) and Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson), also deal with additional plots concerning aliens and another plot about a serial killer known as Bloody Face. Of course, much of the horror of AHS: Asylum comes from the stories of prisoners who were sent to Briarcliff for various reasons, and in most cases they should never have been there. That’s why all the main characters of “American Horror Story: Asylum” were sent to Briarcliff.

Keith Walker

Keith Walker worked at a gas station and was married to Alma (Britn Oldford), although they had to keep their marriage a secret since it was interracial. One night, while Alma was cooking dinner, Keith heard a strange noise outside their house and encountered a blinding flash of light and an even louder noise, but when he returned to the house, objects in the room began to levitate and he fell. pressed to the ceiling by an invisible force. After that, Keith had “visions” of gray humanoids around him, and since Alma went missing after this incident, Keith was blamed for her murder, as well as the murders of other women, as he was suddenly mistaken for a serial killer known as Bloody Face. . As a result, Keith was betrayed by Briarcliff and insisted on his innocence, although the media was convinced that he was a Bloody Face, and once in Briarcliff he was subjected to Arden’s experiments, and later was tricked by the real Bloody Face, Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto), into confessing that he was the real killer. Keith was eventually released when Lana proved that Thredson was the real killer and killed him, and although he went through even more difficulties in his personal life after that, he was re-abducted by aliens many, many years later and never returned.

Lana Winters

Lana Winters was a journalist who had a serious relationship with Wendy Peyser (Clea Duvall), but they kept their relationship a secret. When Keith was sent to Briarcliff, Lana took the opportunity and went to Briarcliff under the pretext that she wanted to write a story about a bakery, but all she needed was information about the alleged Bloody Face. Lana sneaked into Briarcliff at night to get to the Whale, but she was caught and sent to Briarcliff by Sister Jude, who tricked Wendy into signing documents to send Lana to a shelter. Once there, Lana was subjected to aversion therapy and electroshock, and Thredson tricked her into thinking he would help her escape, but in fact he held her captive in his house, where he revealed that he was the real killer of Bloody Face, and raped her. Lana escaped, but found herself back in Briarcliff, but with the help of Keith and Mother Superior Claudia, she was freed, killed Thredson and proved Keith’s innocence, and then wrote her expose of Briarcliff.

Grace Bertrand

By the time Kit arrives at Briarcliff, Grace Bertrand has already lived there for many years. Grace grew up in France and moved to America with her family when she was nine years old. Grace’s father constantly raped her at night, but when she told her stepmother about it, she told her not to tell anyone and bribed her with candy.