Ahn Bo Hyun to star in Nemesis, the new Netflix movie


Actor Ahn Bo Hyun will star in the new Neftlix movie “Nemesis.” The celeb known for participating in dramas such as “Itaewon class”, Descendants of the Sun, “My secret hotel” and “My runway”, among others, was chosen for this new project on the platform, the film promises much action and romance.

After the success of “Itaewon Class”, Ahn Bo Hyun returns to the stars with the streaming platform, which continues to bet on stories of Korean origin in the face of the K-pop phenomenon and the popularity of K-Dramas.

According to the first reports, Ahn Bo was chosen as a detective and a judo player at the same time, in the story, his character will cross paths with a girl who seeks revenge and whom he will fall in love with.

The first details of the plot anticipate that the story will revolve around Jeon Pil Do, a talented judo athlete who will desert his athletic career to become a detective and use his abilities to take revenge.

The protagonist is a grumpy man and looks like someone cold; However, he has a warm heart, which will harbor a love for a girl who seeks to infiltrate to get revenge on something or someone. There are no more details about it yet.

The protagonist could be Han So Hwee, from the drama “The World of the married”, but still continues in talks. Netflix has not revealed the release date, but its release is expected to be in 2021.


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