Ahead of a repeat of Jesse from Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has just filmed another really disturbing TV show

Now that “Better Call Saul” is coming to an end, and several major deaths and unexpected twists have already raised the stakes in season six, fans are eager to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul finally reappear as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively. . But before we can witness what appears to be another depressing look at Jesse’s tumultuous life, Paul has landed a new role in another series that has long been known to worry its viewers to death: “Black Mirror.”
Aaron Paul is currently already busy solving very disturbing problems in the fourth season of the HBO sci-fi thriller “Wild West World”, where he plays military veteran Caleb. But he apparently hasn’t had enough yet when it comes to the complex and exciting stories in his career, thus his upcoming role in at least one episode of the darkly satirical anthology Black Mirror, where technology tends to fail even when created with the best of intentions. It sounds like a pretty solid mix of elements of Jesse Pinkman and the Wild West World, which makes Paul an excellent addition for the long-awaited Season 6.
According to Variety, the sixth season of “Black Mirror” is believed to be already in production, and along with Aaron Paul, several other new actors have been announced (as listed below). But no matter how much we celebrate the actor’s presence in the popular series created by Charlie Booker, it is not yet clear who he will play, since all the details of the episodes and the storyline are kept behind locked doors and the like. But considering that the biggest stars of “Black Mirror” in each season tend to find themselves in the most disturbing situations, I doubt we’ll see many charming smiles of Paul during the release.
At the moment, Aaron Paul already has connections with both Netflix and Black Mirror, which makes this casting even more reliable. In the premiere of the fourth season of “USS Callister”, Paul acted as an online player. This episode was co-hosted by Jesse Plemons, whose creepy character AF Todd famously put Jesse Paul through hell in both Breaking Bad and the full-length spin-off El Camino: Breaking Bad on Netflix. To bring it all together, Paul also played a character named Todd for the streaming service, albeit for the animated neoclassical Horse BoJack.
All actors of the sixth season of “Black Mirror” have been announced
Let’s take a look at the other actors who have been announced besides Aaron Paul, with the obvious understanding that we also don’t know which of these talents will play in the new season.
Kate Mara (“House of Cards”, “Pose”, “Teacher”), Danny Ramirez (“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Best Shooter: Maverick”, “Tales of the Walking Dead”), Josh Hartnett (“Scary Tales”, “Fear Index”, “Oppenheimer”), Anjana Vasan (“We are”). Party Lady, Killing Eve, Cyrano) Papa Essiedu (I Can Destroy You, Gangs of London, Anne Boleyn) Clara Rugaard (Love Gets a Room, Rebellion, Press Play) Auden Thornton (This is Us, Doubt, Palm Trees and Power) Lines)
It is reported that all the actors listed above will play the main roles in the first three episodes of the sixth season of Black Mirror, and it is expected that more actors will be added and revealed in the near future. As for other episode news, there will presumably be more episodes in the upcoming season than in Season 5, which was criticized by critics and which consisted of three 2019 issues. (Including Miley Cyrus.)
So it’s definitely been a long time since the last time we were bothered by the dystopian views of the “Black Mirror” on society and our technological obsessions. But now we can take comfort in what is happening with the new star stars. And since Aaron Paul himself has long been known for his dislike of technology and, as you know, does not use a mobile phone, he may well become the hero this show deserves.
While waiting to see how the episode with Paul will rank among the top 10 episodes of “Black Mirror” at the moment, follow our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 to find out what new and returning shows will appear in the near future.