Agust D’s Daechwita may have been plagiarized


A Ukrainian artist may have plagiarized the song ‘Daechwita’ by Agust D. Suga is a musician who shows his most sincere side with Agust D, an alter ego who has helped the rapper reveal his fears and the way he sees the world. The BTS member has already released two mixtapes under his pseudonym.

The album ‘D-2’ was released on May 22 of this year, the promotional song was ‘Daechwita’, a powerful track that mixes several musical instruments with an innovative proposal, the official MV already has more than 128 million reproductions in Youtube.

‘Daechwita’ received the support of ARMY, several international celebrities and even important public officials, such as the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, who recommended to all international K-pop fans to listen to Suga’s proposal to learn more of South Korean culture.

Recently, social media users noticed the resemblance between ‘Daechwita’ and ’10k’, a song that sounds similar to the one created by Min Yoongi.

A Ukrainian rapper named Alllex Black uploaded to his YouTube channel ’10k’, a song that was released on August 20 and the sounds of the track attracted a lot of attention from Internet users, since it has several elements of ‘Daechwita’, such as the sounds of traditional South Korean musical instruments and the mix that characterizes the work of Agust D.

‘10k’ is found on all platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, Deezer and on Instagram. Currently the official audio of the song has more than 158 thousand reproductions on YouTube, it has 383 likes, compared to the “I don’t like it” which is around 55 thousand.

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ARMY is organizing emails to inform the BTS representative company of the possible plagiarism, the fans of the band hope that Big Hit Entertainment will take action and investigate this case.

Meanwhile, another part of the fandom is raising reports in other apps for the Alllex Black song to be removed, “10k” no longer appears on the musician’s tracklist on Spotify.


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