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118 days have passed since WNBA star Britney Griner was detained by Russian authorities on suspicion of drug smuggling. And after Tuesday’s news, the seven-time All-Star contestant will reportedly remain in custody in Russia until at least July 2.

The US State Department officially classified the situation with Griner as unlawful detention. But at the moment, the release of the 31-year-old is not approaching.

In a statement from Griner agent Lindsay Kavaga Colas made late Tuesday, Colas said it was clear that the Phoenix Mercury center was being used as a “political pawn.”

Her detention is inhumane and unacceptable. During 117 days of illegal detention, she did not receive a single call. And we call on [President Joe Biden] and [Vice President Kamala Harris] to act immediately and do everything possible to bring Britney home immediately.

The WNBA world reacted to Colas’ tweet about the situation with Griner.

“From Agent Britney Griner…” Quinn.

“… 117 days of unlawful detention, attempts are being made to bring her home, but there is no real end in sight,” another user said. “The only reason she was there was because RUS was paying women A LOT more than the WNBA.”

“117 days have passed since Britney Griner, one of the greatest basketball players in America (and the world), was illegally detained in Russia,” the activist wrote. “She is part of our family. Listen to the message from her agent: make it louder, sign the petition and bring BG home.”

Let’s hope that Britney Griner will be able to return home as quickly and safely as possible. Efforts to bring her back to the US can be supported here.