Age of Empires IV, we have already seen it


Age of Empires IV is shown in all its glory for the first time. We participated in a session with the developers to learn more about him. It is time for Age of Empires IV. The recent Fan Preview has allowed us to know the first in-depth look at the most anticipated sequel for fans of the genre. World’s Edge, responsible for the franchise, places the burden of development on Relic Entertainment, veterans of real-time strategy for more than two decades.

All the material shown is a small preview of its planned roadmap for all of 2021. With a beta on the horizon, the launch of Age of Empires IV points to some time at the end of the year in Windows 10, both through the Microsoft Store as on Steam. In addition, from day one you will participate in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for PC. We sat down with the developers to learn more about what was shown.

The community, the center of Age of Empires IV

“You can’t do a new Age of Empires installment without the collaboration of the players,” explains one of the Relic Entertainment members. And the truth is that the same idea is repeated throughout the presentation: working together with the community. During these months of absolute silence, the team has held a “multitude” of gaming sessions with users of the saga. The development has been macerated little by little. As that one would say, “slowly but surely”.

But not everything has been easy during the development of this fourth installment. Relic Entertainment has also suffered the impact of COVID-19 during the most delicate times of 2020, a “challenging time to work” period that the team has overcome. “We are very proud of the group,” they say, something they reiterate throughout the film.