Age of Empires IV Opens Beta Test This Week


Those with an eye on Age of Empires IV will be pleased to know that the game has a Beta testing period scheduled to start this Thursday (5), remaining available to players for a period of 11 days.

“Keep the Call: The Age of Empire IV Closed Beta begins this Thursday, August 5th. If you’re not an Age Insider member yet, you can still sign up today for the chance to participate in the Beta,” says a message posted by the producer on Twitter.

According to the information disclosed, the test period will allow for battles between up to eight people, with artificial intelligence supplementing this value if necessary. There will also be access to a tutorial to teach basic commands, and four of the eight selectable civilizations available: Mongolian, English, Delhi Sultanate and Chinese.

Age of Empires IV will be released on October 28 exclusively for PC.


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