Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, impresiones


We play a fairly extensive preview of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the “new” installment in the long-lived strategy saga that sits on the foundations of a classic.

As soon as you start this preview of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the first thing that appears on the screen is a message with the following warning: changes have been made at the level of historical representation by consulting different sources, from Native Americans to others involved. It may seem trivial, but it exemplifies well that after this improved edition much more than a simple compilation or graphic jump has been put, but also a lot of care at the level of historical documentation. And we rejoice.

This advance to which we have had access in Meristation has allowed us to play the campaign “Blood, ice and steel”, the one that begins with Morgan Black and that will surely wake up a face to all those who played it fifteen years ago. Likewise, we have also been able to enjoy multiplayer mode, Skirmishes and the Art of War. First impressions of this return to the past.

To remove settlers

At this point in the movie – or in the story, as you see it – you don’t need to explain much about the mechanics of Age of Empires. We build buildings, collect supplies, and create troops and settlers to not only pass civilization, but also conquer territories and, of course, defeat the enemy.

This is the formula that has prevailed in Age of Empires since its inception, an equation that has remained just as attractive and powerful since its first installment. Therefore, the key to these definitive editions that Microsoft is bringing to the market is not so much the gameplay itself, but the changes it makes compared to the originals.


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