Age of Empires 4: See A Full Match Of The Multiplayer Option


At this point, the community that follows the Age of Empires series must be curious to see more and more of what is present in Age of Empires IV. If you are in this group, Microsoft released a new trailer showing a little multiplayer of the new franchise title.

The recording you can see in this news brings more than 40 minutes of combat between two of the factions present in the game: Rus and the Holy Roman Empire. The match in question was part of the Red Bull’s Wololo V tournament, and you can see all the content captured on that occasion by pressing play in the following window:

Age of Empires IV will be available to all players from October 28th, and can be obtained via the Microsoft Store or Steam – as well as being part of the list of games present on the Xbox Games Pass on the first day.


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