Age Of Empires 4 Promises Mods And Ranked Matches In New Roadmap


Age of Empires 4 has a new updated roadmap, promising new content to the game and improvements in quality of life mechanics that players have long awaited. Among the main news is the announcement of support for mods and ranked matches in competitive multiplayer.

The new roadmap comes along with Microsoft’s explanation of its “seasonal philosophy” for Age of Empires 4. The game’s developer wants to create themed seasons of content, which it believes will benefit both competitive gamers and solo players.

We still don’t have a specific date for the introduction of the promised content, but we can see in the roadmap that the first update will bring the Season 1 ranked, along with a new content editor in beta and mods made by the AoE 4 devs themselves. The game also promises improvements in hotkeys and a new challenge called “The Art of War”.

The news from the first season is more detailed and also talks about some quality of life updates, such as a queue for global construction, map reveal after matches and other news.

Despite not revealing a specific date for the debut of the new content of the updates, Microsoft says that it intends to introduce the news “between now and more or less July 2022”. That is, we can expect the first updates soon.