Age Of Empires 4 Masterfully Revives The Past


Age Of Empires 4: The day for real time strategy game lovers is coming. A countdown and a wait that went on for years and years, but we will finally have the official release of one of the most anticipated games in recent times.

After the arrival of the first game in October 1997, the RTS genre has never been the same. Ensemble Studios’ great title marked generations, transformed gamers and, above all, created a legion of fans across the planet.

In recent years we have lived the expectation for the release of the fourth game in the franchise. After a series of spin-offs and remastered versions, Age of Empire 4 is among us! It’s always worth remembering that the game was developed by Relic Entertainment, the company behind the excellent Company of Heroes series.


Age 4 will be available on October 28th for computers and can be purchased from the Microsoft store, or on Steam. The game will also be part of the well-stocked Xbox Game Pass catalogue.

But will the new game of the franchise pleased? With more than 25 million fans around the world, it would be difficult to escape the formula for success that has marked him over the decades.

The essence will never fade

The fourth game in the franchise takes the saying “the team that is winning doesn’t move” to the letter. Over all these years, Age of Empires has always brought new ingredients, but never enough to transform its roots.

As real-time strategy games have developed a lot in recent years, gaining complexity in many cases, Age 4 continues to have a simple and straightforward line of reasoning. It is worth noting that Age 3 came out over 15 years ago.