Age of Empires 4: its creators say that crunch “is not a problem in Relic”


Age of Empires 4: The strategy saga will return from Relic Entertainment exclusively for PC, although it does not have a release date yet.The war between nations never ends, nor does Microsoft’s commitment to one of its legendary sagas end, although it has been done to pray. After the final editions of the second and third installments, Age of Empires 4 is already on the horizon, and in MeriStation we have already seen it in action. What is also a battle is the one that many employees have against crunch, which affects especially the large developed ones. However, Relic Entertainment, those responsible for this new production, have indicated that the developer has not fallen into these practices.

Clear Mind: A Must For Creative Jobs

In an interview with the German site Golem, Quinn Duffy, director of Age of Empires 4, explained that Relic keeps labor exploitation away from its projects. “Fortunately, this is not a problem at Relic. I don’t even remember the last time we had a crunch. If I remember correctly, with Company of Heroes 2 we had a couple of weeks of overtime. ”

According to Duffy, many of the companions “are now older and have children,” while others are the same age as Relic. “In creative professions it is extremely important to have a clear head, but not if you are burned out. Of course, we are very busy right now trying to get zero bugs, but that has nothing to do with the crunch that I experienced myself in my early career years.

In this regard, Philippe Boulle, narrative director of the video game, adds that Relic Entertainment is “a good example of a studio that has learned from its mistakes.” The developer recalls that crunch was a reality in a lot of developers born in the late 90’s. “At some point, the members of the management team said: this cannot be the case if we want to build a functional study for the long term”. Boulle says you can launch a game this way, “but a significant portion of the staff will drop out immediately afterward.”


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