Age of Empires 4 is out this fall


Age of Empires 4, the new game of the Age of Empires series, a real-time strategy game, will be released for PC in the fall. It has been 24 years since the first Age of Empires (AoE) game. New to the series, AoE 4 will feature four new historical scenarios and 8 playable civilizations.

What civilizations does Age of Empires 4 host?

AoE 4 puts players in the middle of historical events. One of the notable historical events is the Norman script. The Norman script is about the fight between Harold Godwinson, king of the Anglo-Saxons, and William the Conqueror, who coveted Harold’s crown. The Norman scenario has hosted many battles throughout the war history of the scenario, including the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The script will span several years in both Britain and France. Each scenario offers a long gameplay time. New scenarios and civilizations may come as DLC after the game is released.

Each civilization has its own unique mechanics in the game. City transport is shown as an example. Mongols can move a whole city and relocate it elsewhere. Among the civilizations announced in AoE 4 are China, British, Delhi Sultanate and Mongols. All 8 civilizations will be shown at the event planned by developer Rellic. Age of Empires 4 will debut on Windows PC in the fall of 2021. The game will also come to Xbox Game Pass PC.


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