Agathe Auproux shares her unshared photo!


In the feed of her Instagram account, Agathe Auproux reveals a series of photos never posted. They are all hot!

Photos, Agathe Auproux has dozens of which she has never posted. On her Instagram account, the pretty brunette shares six news!

Her addiction to social networks, Agathe Auproux can not hide it. Indeed, no day passes without her feeding her Instagram account.

The columnist for Touche Pas À Mon Poste is always revealing new photos. Whether in his feed or in his story.

This Tuesday, November 10, the young woman prefers to share content directly in her feed. And for good reason, she has six photos to show them.

Agathe Aupoux partage 6 photos d’elles jamais postées sur Instagram 640

“We call them the non-posted. There are 6 of them, of little interest, sometimes (often) poorly framed. Thank you for making them a triumph “, she wrote in the caption of her publication.

But what do these pictures look like? First, Agathe Auproux plays with the shadow of her hand to create a pretty shape on her face.

Then, the author of the book “Tout va bien” poses, quite simply, in front of a white wall. Besides, she doesn’t even bother to smile. Sometimes naturalness makes you more beautiful!

Then the former reporter reveals a huge shot of her face. Was she trying to highlight her freckles? Possible!

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