Agathe Auproux shares her passion for cookies!


The beautiful Agathe Auproux made us laugh this morning! Indeed, she ordered cookies, but she wanted them as less cooked as possible!

Agathe Auproux had a great desire this morning! Eh yes ! The construction columnist really wanted cookies!

We can’t do without the beautiful brunette’s Instagram account! In fact, we love it on screen, but in real life just as much!

Agathe Auproux gives us great advice and makes us laugh! Thus, we feel very close to her!

In fact, she has adopted a great strategy with her subscribers … It’s about behaving like a girlfriend or a big sister!

And as much to tell you that it works rather well! You just have to see the number of followers …

Indeed, the beautiful Agathe Auproux is approaching one million subscribers! A hell of a figure, for a super chick!

And in terms of style, we can not fault her … Between casual ’and stylish outfits, she is a true fashion reference!

It almost makes you wonder if she has any flaws …

Agathe Auproux partage sa passion pour les cookies avec ses fans !

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