Agathe Auproux in a multicolored dress: her cozy look caused a sensation


Agathe Auproux posted a photo of her look of the day! A beautiful long multicolored dress and a pair of Dior sneakers!

Agathe Auproux does not lack style! Indeed, the young woman has just posted in her story her look of the day. .

Agathe Auproux is one of the most followed French personalities on Instagram! Thus, the young woman posts pictures of her almost daily! Today, the journalist has therefore posted photos of her look in her story! Agathe wore a long sweater dress with multicolored bands… A very original piece!

The young woman also posted photos of her shoes! A pair of sneakers worth 890 euros ! Internet users therefore loved its look! Indeed, many of them react in the comments of her last posts! We let you discover the outfit in question!

Since she is no longer a columnist on C8, Agathe Auproux is even more active on Instagram! Indeed, the 28-year-old journalist posts photos of her every day! A presence on social networks that does not displease its 780,000 followers at all… Quite the contrary! And for good reason, many of them comment on Agathe’s photos to compliment her on her looks!

“I love your looks! You really should be a fashion youtuber “,” Agathe, you’re too hot whatever you wear “,” Too beautiful, as usual “,” Another Diesel item, you collect it or maybe it’s a partnership ” , ” Long dresses are too good for you “, can we read on the social network! Messages that are likely to please the beautiful brunette! Very present for her community, Agathe Auproux has also decided to open her own youtube channel! On January 31, 2020, she will therefore release her first video! The former columnist clarified that she intends to address several themes, so that of love … We can’t wait to see that!


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