Agathe Auproux: Miou the cat becomes the star of the novel


Agathe Auproux shares the work of one of her subscribers. The story is therefore based on the relationship of the young woman and her cat.

Agathe Auproux loves her cat, it is well known. So one of his fans imagines a comic book with his effigy. Finally, by giving the floor to Miou. And what we can say is that it is really very successful! The columnist loves it and therefore shares the drawing as a story.

The young woman loves this little comic book. She finds it very, very realistic. In fact, she writes “the details go down to the orchid”. She is totally a fan of this drawing. So we see several small scenes. First, the young woman decides to make a story with her cat.

She asks him to do several poses. The cat complies and hopes for a reward. But when Agathe Auproux gives him kibble the cat is outraged. He was hoping for money. He therefore wants to renegotiate his influencer contract! And he is quite right to do so.

Because the young woman loves to take a picture of her cat from every angle. So there is something to ask for remuneration. In any case, it is with a lot of humor that this designer brings out this board. And she does him honor by indicating his Instagram account.


Today, Agathe Auproux wants to laugh with her subscribers. Before sharing this comic she was amused by the fact that everyone compares to her when girls have bobs and round glasses! She was sharing the funniest tweets on the matter.

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A nice photo of Agathe Auproux, her cat and a fan

And to see if it worked, Agathe Auproux shares images of women with a bob and glasses. So we find Dora the Explorer but also Edna from the Incredibles! Well, the resemblance is not necessarily striking.

The funniest thing is the photo of Super Nanny. We are very far from the young woman. In any case, don’t hesitate to check out the artist’s Instagram account.


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