Agathe Auproux is helping “global security” law!


Agathe Auproux likes to share news on her Instagram account. She therefore explains in story the law on global security.

Agathe Auproux likes to keep her fans up to date with the latest news. And this time, she shares in story a law that will soon be voted on. This is the “comprehensive security” law. We explain to you what it involves and the columnist’s message.

This law is being debated in the Assembly. It is not positive for everyone. We explain why. This text is to be studied until Friday. This law is a bit of a catch-all with a wide range of measures. But the one that worries and interests the most is the one on the police.

And this time it concerns the press. If the “global security” law passes, we will no longer be able to broadcast the faces of the police. This would therefore amend section 24 of the 1881 Freedom of the Press Act. Now, broadcasting images of a police officer could cost a year in prison and a € 45,000 fine.

But normally this sanction would ONLY be if it harms “physical or mental integrity”. Agathe Auproux highlights the most interesting parts of the article in her story on her Instagram account. A quick little decryption.


For the moment, Agathe Auproux explains that the police cannot oppose being filmed on the public highway. Suddenly, many videographers were able to film police officers in the midst of violence, which harmed them.

But according to the Minister of the Interior, we can still provide the authorities with videos if something unusual happens. We will therefore always have the right to film the security forces intervening.

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Agathe Auproux therefore tries to inform her fans as much as possible. To make this clearer for everyone, it helps to have good information! Fortunately, the columnist is there.


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