Agathe Auproux confirms that she is a couple on Instagram!


Agathe Auproux would therefore be a couple! During a question and answer session on Instagram, the columnist says she is in a relationship.

Fans have been wondering for a while. Agathe Auproux would therefore be in a relationship. On Instagram, the young woman does a question and answer session and she admits to being in love.

The columnist likes to chat with her fans. This time, she offers herself as a doctor to answer the problems of her subscribers. Many speak of their heart and some of their health problems.

Indeed, it is recalled that Agathe Auproux had cancer recently. If the young woman is doing well now, she takes care of her subscribers who are going through the same illness. After publishing a book, she even offers to send her fans to help them.

In short, Agathe tries to help everyone who follows her as much as possible. But at one point, one of his subscribers asked him a personal question. Is she in a relationship? It is true that many fantasize about it. ” Single or in a relationship ? I’m crazy in love with you ”

So, to this question, Agathe Auproux therefore answers: “as a Graaaave couple”. No more. So we don’t know if the journalist was just making a joke or if she is really in a relationship. So we expect more in the coming days.

We don’t know if Agathe Auproux will reveal more. The young woman is indeed very secret about her private life. In any case, on his Instagram account, no boy ever appears in his stories.

For the moment the beautiful columnist is having a great time in Monaco with her family. Every day, she goes for a walk on the seaside. The young woman even went back to the race to recover her cardio.

And she is doing very well! The young woman manages to run 30 min at 10km / h, great performance! In any case, from what she just said, the young woman is no longer a heart to take!


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