Agathe Auproux: Back to school outfit


This Thursday, September 3, Agathe Auproux posted a new photo on her Instagram account. The young woman unveiled her really classy back-to-school outfit to her fans. One thing is certain, they have validated 100%.

At first, Agathe Auproux opted for a shirt made to measure by the 1966.couture boutique, located in Paris. She also opted for slim jeans that highlighted her long legs.

To complete her outfit, Agathe Auproux chose sublime white heeled ankle boots from Kenzo and her essential eyeglasses. With her best smile, she showed herself really radiant on the social network.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, the young woman also wrote: “Modest photo of myself giving you an appointment today, AT 5:45 pm ON C8 LIVE IN BALANCE YOUR POST! “.


With her shot, Agathe Auproux has collected more than 54,000 “likes” from her fans. In the comments, they asked her for the mark of her outfit, but also of the chair on which she was sitting and the wall.

The Libra Ton Post columnist then detailed everything. She replied, “So: the shirt is 1966. Tailoring. The shoes are Kenzo. The seat I unfortunately do not have the info. The wall is Ora ito “.

Other fans also seem very happy that she is back on Balance Ton Post. They said under his photo: “Glad to see you again in BTP!” Too eager !! »,« Back in style! “.

But also “Great, happy to see you again in BTP. »,« Can’t wait to find you. “Ah well, we will be able to see you again on TV for your analyzes” or “I love your outfit my god you are beautiful”.

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