Against the background of a photo of the trial of Kobe Bryant, the bartender said that he laughed when he was shown photos of the crash site


Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit against Los Angeles County, which centers around emergency responders who allegedly distributed photos of the helicopter crash site of her husband Kobe and daughter Gianna, was delayed several times in the preliminary stages. Obviously, in the early days of the pandemic, many court sessions, including this one, were postponed, and the mountains of initial evidence presented by both Vanessa’s legal team (who was scolded for sharing so much) and the defense had to be dismantled later. However, now they have finally appeared before a jury. In the latest events of the trial, a barman witness says that he laughed when he was shown the photos.

TMZ reports that Victor Gutierrez confirmed in court on August 12 that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Joey Cruz offered to show him pictures of the crash site at the Baha Grill restaurant in Los Angeles, where Gutierrez works. Apparently, he and other employees of the bar, as well as several passers-by, saw the horrifying images, which reportedly included the remains of nine victims. However, the bartender showed that the deputy’s actions were not, in his opinion, malicious, but only in order to remove some of the severity of what he saw.

The lawyer of the widow of Kobe Bryant refused to cross-examine the witness. In particular, they asked if Victor Gutierrez found the photos funny at the time. He denied it, but then the court was presented with a surveillance video of the bar where Gutierrez was allegedly laughing at that moment. He again rejected the insinuations, adding that anyone who finds humor in these images will be “psychotic.”

The reason why the bar scenario is being considered in court is that Vanessa Bryant claims that the distribution of photos of the crash site by the county authorities violated her right to privacy in relation to images of deceased loved ones. Moreover, it was stipulated that the likelihood that these now publicly available terrible photos falling into her online feed at any given time without her consent, cause Bryant emotional stress.

Ridicule on social media is actually at the heart of the trial under consideration. The judge ruled before the court that some of the messages Vanessa Bryant received online after the accident were “admittedly related to ridicule” and therefore potential evidence of emotional distress. Some, however, were deemed ineligible for trial due to the fact that Bryant received them before it became known that the Los Angeles County defendants had spread anything, making them largely “rumors” in this case. However, a message threatening to “drain Kobi’s body” and a post with a bird’s-eye view (presumably from the district) are among the evidence.

When the trial first began on August 11, according to the publication, the plaintiff’s legal team (which now includes an expert in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard) made introductory statements detailing eight assistants who took personal photos of the bodies of the deceased. . According to them, the photos were distributed by the defendants at a gala evening, shared with a woman in a bar and dispersed to their family members. Consequently, on that day, Kobe Bryant’s wife was seen openly sobbing in court.

It’s only been two days of what is expected to be a 10-day trial, but it’s clearly going to be an emotional event for those close to the former NBA legend who was recently honored at the ESPY Awards by Klay Thompson. More updates on this case will definitely appear sooner rather than later.


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