Again: Anna-Maria Ferchici had to go to the hospital


What’s going on with Anna-Maria Ferchici (40)? It seems that the influential woman has been unlucky since she emigrated to Dubai with her husband Bushido (44 years old) and their children. It was only in early September that she reported that she was in poor health, that she was in hospital and possibly confined to a wheelchair. She did not disclose exactly why the mother of eight children ended up in the hospital. Now Anna-Maria has reported from the clinic again!

Anna-Maria told her community about her illness on Friday morning. In her Instagram story, she shared: “This morning I had another small operation on my leg.” But her fans don’t have to worry too much about the brunette: “He’s healing very well,” Bushido’s wife said right after that. “But you can go home right now,” she added with relief.

The difficulties of the last few weeks probably could not but affect Sarah Connor’s sister (42 years old). Anna-Maria and Bushido will talk in detail about their emigration in their own documentary on October 19 on RTL+. “We are taking big steps into a new and carefree life,” the rapper teased RTL.


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