Aftermath: Survival Game and Psychological Suspense Announced


Aftermath: Developer One-O-One Games, in partnership with Meta Publishing, announced the release of Aftermath, a new survival and psychological thriller game. The title is due in stores next year for PC and consoles of current and past generations.

According to the publisher, Aftermath will follow the story of Charlie Gray, a talented European engineer and astronaut who comes across something unexpected.

When trying to return to Earth, something goes wrong and the experience of re-entering the planet’s atmosphere isn’t exactly the best. Wounded and traumatized, Charlie realizes that she has something seriously wrong with the planet and must now try to survive while searching for the only thing that matters: her daughter, Sammy.

In Aftermath, players will need to scour the surroundings in a familiar, yet unknown European city, using “urban resources” to their advantage. It will be necessary to use and abuse stealth to keep yourself safe as you explore European streets in search of ways to deal with a strange threat.

According to Meta Publishing, “mundane everyday items can become invaluable tools”, which can be combined to create weapons to be used “in your fight against the enigmatic beings who occupy the city”. Analyzing the creatures and finding their weaknesses will be essential to defeating them before it’s too late and the astronaut is used as an “offering”.

Aftermath will have versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC if it is planned for release in 2022.