After YouTube Kids, Google now has ‘teen version’


YouTube announced on Wednesday (24) the new content restriction feature aimed at pre-teens. With the option, parents will be able to control what types of videos their children can access on the platform. In its blog, the company stated that the initiative aims to help parents with children who are already too old for the YouTube Kids app, but too young for full access to the site.

Families will be able to choose the settings according to the age of each child, controlling what can be seen through a supervised Google Account and Google Family Link. The platform will provide three options:

Explore: for kids who are ready to leave YouTube Kids. This setup will feature a wide range of videos generally suitable for children aged 9 and older.

Explore further: The category is suitable for viewers over the age of 13 and will include a larger set of videos as well as live streams.

Most of YouTube: This option includes almost all YouTube videos, except age-restricted videos and is suitable for older teenagers.

In addition to choosing content, parents will be able to access the search history for their children’s accounts. YouTube stresses that families should not see the initiative as a definitive solution, as the system can make mistakes.

Initially, the new control function is expected to be released in a beta version. The full version will work in the coming months.


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