After Yang Reveals the Magic of his Opening Dance Scene [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip dedicated to the home release of After Yang, which can be purchased digitally, Blu-ray and DVD from June 21 via Lionsgate. The sci-fi film, an adaptation of Alexander Weinstein’s short story “Farewell to Young”, is a continuation of the famous director Kogonada of his impressive debut in Columbus.

“After Yang” takes place in an alternate future and follows a married couple, Jake (Colin Farrell, “Batman”) and Kira (Jody Turner-Smith, “The Queen and Slim”), who are trying to fix both of their faulty androids, Yang (Justin H. Min, “Umbrella”). Academy) and their relationship with their daughter Mika (Malea Emma Tiandravijaya, iCarly) after years of relative neglect. The star-studded supporting cast consists of Hayley Lou Richardson, Clifton Collins Jr., Sarita Chowdhury and Richie Coster.

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In an exclusive behind-the-scenes video provided by Lionsgate, the actors talk about how they managed to create a fun and touching scene of the “global dance competition”, which consists of the opening credits. Min regretfully declares that he is not a very good dancer, which greatly complicates the rehearsal process for him. Turner-Smith recalls that the dance sequence was her first scene on the set of the movie “After Young”, and shows that it helped her to fully immerse herself in her body as a performer, and also allowed the fictional family to get closer. Watch the full clip below:

Pharrell adds his two cents, comparing it to a funny and organic version of the military draft. Ming can also see how the virtual link is a continuation of today’s global online obsession, which further highlights the unique ability of the screenwriter and director of Kogonada to form appropriate images in accordance with his personal aesthetics. Throughout the clip, the entire cast of characters is shown in the final dance clip, but the focus is on the four main actors who are teaming up and preparing for their big dance debut.

The Blu-ray and DVD versions of After Yang contain a special feature that includes the clip above, titled “The End is the Beginning: After Yang». The PG-rated sci-fi drama will contain SDH subtitles in Spanish and English, and its duration will be 96 minutes. Take a look at the gorgeous cover of the physical edition below, complete with praise for the film and the cast:

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