After Will Smith’s apology, Chris Rock’s brother said that the slap affected him personally


After the events of Oscar night, when Will Smith hit Chris Rock live on stage, the two men involved in the altercation mostly remained silent. Rock made only fleeting public comments, and Smith didn’t say anything at all after the initial apology until he recently released a video in which Smith discussed the incident in detail and apologized again. One person who has not kept silent is Chris Rock’s brother Tony.

Tony Rock has voiced his thoughts about the incident several times, going so far as to refer to Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with 2Pac to explain what could have been the catalyst for the slap, and was pretty much more than willing to say what he thinks about it. All that. After the video of Will Smith’s apology, Rock was asked again what he thought, and he responded by calling to account people who apparently thought he should remain silent on the issue since he did not directly address it. Rock announced this on Twitter…

My thoughts? All the crumbs and losers on social networks have repeatedly said that this has nothing to do with me, and I should be silent or not interfere. Others said that I (who had been making a lot of money since 1999) was commenting in an attempt to gain fame.

Tony Rock focuses not on the apologies themselves, but on people who think he spoke publicly about the incident only as a way to make a name for himself. The apology video itself showed that there is much more going on here. Will Smith specifically mentions Tony Rock in the video, making it clear that the two men had a real relationship, which, as Smith laments, probably ended.

When his name is mentioned in the video, Tony Rock sees it as a kind of rehabilitation, and there is clearly no love between him and those who claimed that he got into this situation. The rock continues…

Now, after a personal mention in the video, smart people (very few in social networks) will understand that I was not just some dude from the outside looking inside. There was a real friendship. So to all these idiots with their negative comments, you can respectfully S.M.D.

Although we know that Tony Rock and Will Smith had a real relationship, Smith may well be right that they are over at the moment. Tony Rock has made it more than clear that he fully supports his brother Chris in this. It seems quite obvious that most people think Smith is wrong. Tony Rock said that the slap “eats him up” because he sees his brother being beaten and can’t help anything. Tony Rock will certainly continue to express his thoughts on this topic, as it seems that it will not disappear in the near future.


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