After Will Smith’s apology, Chris Rock responded with his stand-up performance


Last week was marked by a major event after the incident with Will Smith at the Oscars. A few months after the star hit Chris Rock on stage (and the internet exploded as a result), Smith broke his silence and apologized to the star for the polarizing moment. The “King Richard” star said he’s here when Rock is “ready to talk.” It doesn’t look like the comedian has just contacted Smith, although he did share some sort of response via a recent stand-up.

After the Oscar mix-up, Chris Rock has largely returned to his work and has performed at several venues over the past few months. He even gave a massive show at MSG with Kevin Hart and Dave Chappell last weekend. On Friday, Rock performed in Atlanta as part of his Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour (via CNN) just hours after Will Smith released his video. Although Rock didn’t address the apology directly, he did mention the “I’m a Legend” star while discussing the victims:

Everyone’s trying to be a damn victim. If everyone claims that they are victims, then no one will hear the real victims. Even I was slapped by Shug Smith… The next day I went to work, I had children.

The “Spiral” star behaves modestly when it comes to discussing his true feelings about what happened at the Oscars. But Chris Rock has found ways to casually mention the slap during his comedy sets. For example, a few months ago, Rock made a joke after Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage. Not only that, Rock also joked about being punched in the face, and on this last show he continued this series:

The one who utters words that cause pain has never received blows to the face.

The graduate of the head of state received a slap in the face from Will Smith when he presented the award for best documentary at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. During filming, the comedian joked that he was looking forward to meeting Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, in the movie “Soldiers.” Continuation of Jane (meaning her shaved head). Shortly after, a disgruntled Smith took the stage.

After the incident, Chris Rock refused to press charges. The following week, the “Bad Guys Forever” star apologized for what happened at the Oscars. He subsequently resigned from the Academy after slapping Rock, and later the organization expelled him for ten years as punishment. After that, the star has faced several setbacks when it comes to a number of his upcoming projects.

It looks like Will Smith is going to keep it a secret for a while. Meanwhile, Chris Rock is gaining followers on social networks and has started a Hollywood romance with actress Lake Bell. It’s clear that Smith really wants to make amends with Rock, and even Jada Pinkett-Smith has called for reconciliation. But of course, they just have to wait for the comedy to decide when it will be ready to open.


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