After Will Smith and Apologies, Oscar host Regina Hall shares her thoughts on the ongoing slap-related drama


When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars earlier this year, no one really knew what to do about it. Everyone in the room had to figure out how to handle it, especially the hosts of the show. Regina Hall was one of those presenters, and she talked about the ongoing drama and Will Smith’s recent apology.

At the premiere of his new film “Hunk For Jesus”. “Save Your Soul,” Regina Hall told Variety that she considered Will Smith’s recent apology video to be the “first step” toward any kind of reconciliation, and she appreciated that making and releasing the video was probably difficult for the actor, although she didn’t do her own. feelings about this are understandable. Hall explained…

I think it’s a difficult thing, and I know it’s a difficult path. The first step — he apologized. How people see it is up to them… I know it wasn’t easy.

There have been many opinions both about what Will Smith did on the Oscar stage and how he has reacted since then. After apologizing on social media the day after the incident, Smith practically disappeared from public life. He declined membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but did nothing else until a few weeks ago when he posted a video in which he apologized again and told more about what happened.

Of course, not everyone thinks the apology is sincere, as Regina Hall refers to here. Hall seems to feel that Smith’s apology was real, although she understands if others aren’t ready or just don’t want to accept that apology right now. Hall believes that Smith’s return should begin with an apology, and she believes that at least it is possible to atone for her guilt. She continues…

The ransom. The whole point is that we can develop, maybe, where we are.

It must have been a lot harder to continue working as an Oscar host after such a shocking event, but Regina Hall points out that if she had been asked, she would have been ready to act as an Oscar host again. Her co-host Wanda Sykes indicated that she was unlikely to return. While it would be easy to believe that the slap ruined her life, Hall says it didn’t…

Of course, I had so much fun.

The only person we haven’t heard anything from about Will Smith’s apology is Chris Rock. The comedian joked from time to time during his stand-up tour, but as far as we know, he and Will Smith did not talk. We still don’t know how Rock feels about all this experience and how he sees Smith. Maybe we’ll have the answers by the time the next Oscar show starts. You can guess that whoever is the host, they will have a lot of jokes on this topic, if by that time everyone is ready to joke about this topic.


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