After Umbrella Academy and Sandman, Netflix ordered two more A+ comic book adaptations (and Idris Elba is involved)


Netflix has long used comic book properties to create its list of original movies and TV shows, from “Key and Lock” to “The Old Guard” (and its upcoming sequel) to “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” not to mention the now-departed Marvel shows and a growing list of manga adaptations. One of the most popular was “Umbrella Academy” with all its super-powered surrealism, as well as Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, which for a while captured the brains of Netflix subscribers. Now it has become known that the streaming service is bringing to life a couple of A+ class comics with the participation of Idris Elba, the director of the bullet train and the screenwriter of “Very Strange Cases”.

Let’s take a closer look at both upcoming projects from Netflix and Dark Horse Comics, starting with a feature film that may well be the closest to the Holy Grail of Idris Elba, who played James Bond.

Slam! – Movie

The first project submitted for discussion is the 2020 comic book series Explosion!, which will focus on a GOAT of secret agents fighting a terrorist cult that has plans to cause the apocalypse with a series of novels designed to capture people’s minds as they read. books. The central spy is tasked with eliminating the author of potentially dangerous reading material, but the task will definitely not be that easy.

Idris Elba is to play a major role in the art project, and although it has not been technically specified whether he will portray the main spy or not, one can only hope. Elba will also serve as a producer of the film adaptation, and David Leitch, director of “High-Speed Train” and “Deadpool 2”, will take over as director. (He will also be an EP.) Working on a script for Bang! There will always be a terrific comic book writer Matt Kindt (who co-created the series with artist Wilfred Torres) and bullet train screenwriter Zach Olkevich. So fans can easily expect it to be as slick and joyful a spy thriller as it is, and with a sardonic sense of humor behind it all.

If you need something else to get excited about, the first Bang release! A great advertisement for Keanu Reeves was shown, which says: “A great spoiled mix of James Bond and Tintin.” Leitch worked with Reeves as a producer on the John Wick series, while Kindt and Reeves co-created the ongoing BRZRKR comic, which is also being prepared for a hyper-violent film adaptation.

The Mind of MGMT – TV show

Sticking to Matt Kindt’s inherent all this, one of the most extensive comic book storyteller series, Mind MGMT, is going the episodic route for Netflix. In this project, in which there is no star for the main roles yet, a young woman finds herself involved in a top-secret government program called “Mind Control”, which is known to be engaged in high-tech machinations involving armed telekinesis. mind-controlling commercials, intelligent and understandable dolphins and much more. The woman’s goal is to track down the former excellent student of Mind MGMT, who was the pride and joy of the program, as well as its biggest disaster in the world, who is becoming increasingly difficult to trust.

Although we don’t know who will be in front of the camera or behind it, for that matter, Netflix has announced that the writer of the series “Very Strange Things” Curtis Gwynne will write the script of the episodic adaptation. And if anyone knows how to create stories that attract millions of viewers, it’s the author of “Very Strange Cases.”

Dark Horse, whose executives Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg will executive produce both of the aforementioned projects, also has a couple more projects for Netflix in development. One of them is a full-length adaptation of Joelle Jones’ excellent thriller “Lady Killer”, in which Blake Lively plays the main role and is the director, and the other is a completely original concept called Revenge Inc., in which Matthew, the co-author of the Emerald City, participates. Arnold is on board as a showrunner.

In anticipation that these and other projects will appear on Netflix (opens in a new tab) in the coming months and years, take a look at our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 to find out what awaits streaming and linear television in the near future.


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